Rich Media Innovations to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Content used to be the key to success in the online business. However, these days, content alone will not guarantee success in the field. It’s crucial to provide not just any kind of content, but valuable information which would increase customer engagement.

There are a lot of companies with useful content. However, not all of these businesses receive significant traffic to their sites. Now, it’s about collaborating with customers, retailers, and distributors to provide engaging content.

Amazon’s Success Story

Content creation should be strategic enough to make customers pay attention. One of the reasons Amazon became a global brand was because of their strategies which were directed towards customer engagement. Amazon created a platform where customers can collaborate through different methods.

Amazon offers all kinds of products, and they have various ways through which customers can leave feedback. They have a Question and Answer portion which could serve as the perfect venue for customers to ask important things. This can also help potential customers find the product information which is missing from the post. Then there’s the star rating and the customer review. Users can also post videos and images of the product. This way, customers can see the proof of the customer complaint and the same goes for the seller of the product. Since everyone can see these reviews, other people will be warned against buying the product or encouraged to try it out based on the account of other people.

By providing a platform where customers can share their story and leave honest feedback, it’s not surprising why a lot of people prefer to shop at Amazon. This is also a crucial lesson for all companies who want to break it big in online business.

Amazon’s success story tells a valuable lesson. Content should not just be from the brand alone. Even brands with the most in-depth information and details will not be attractive to buyers on Amazon if it has a one-star rating. The feedback from other people matters more. However, for products with almost the same rating, customers are more likely to buy from the seller which offers more information or has an enjoyable platform.

All of the things outlined above have something to do with rich content. Videos, images, and information play a crucial role in marketing the product.

Rich Media Inspirations

Taking inspiration on how to use rich content on marketing campaigns, we have a few suggestions for you.

  • Use unique videos to reach more people
  • Stop posting single images, increase engagement by using an image gallery
  • Implement an image with a 360-degree view
  • Make your business visible through Facebook
  • Utilize Google Maps for your marketing efforts
  • Harness the benefits of gyroscope technology
  • Consider the use of augmented reality in your campaign

Investing in rich content is a necessity given the competition in the field. For more information about the right content for your campaign, get in touch with the Hoth. This content provider has a good track record in the business, but you can always check out reviews of the Hoth here.